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March 17
Kath & Candy
Floral Design "In Search of Happiness"
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North Bend
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1700 Monroe
North Bend, Oregon


Winter hours 1 p.m.
Third Saturday

Fellow members Kath Collier and Candy Baumer will be helping us learn more about Floral Design and how we can have more fun at our shows doing some basic designs with rhododendrons and azaleas. They will be demonstrating a step-by-step process for creating simple, but beautiful, floral arrangements. They come with samples, supplies to do your own and lots of tips (there may be a small fee for supplies used).

The purpose of this program is to help build skills so that you can enter a floral design in the April Rhododendron and Azalea Show. Floral designs with rhodies is a new class and we are hoping to get lots of entries!  Download new show schedule from the
Links & Archives page.

Kath has been part of the Elsie Skinner Progressive Design Guild since 2001 and studied many years as a flower show student judge as part of the National Garden Club, Inc.  She has served in several capacities for the American Rhododendron Society. President Candy (who has also served our chapter in several ways including Show Chair) will be doing demonstrations on how you can create your own line and line mass designs which are perfect for home, and many activities, beyond our show. 

Doing floral design may be better for your brain health than doing number games and crossword puzzles. Scientists are finding many ways to exercise your brain. The progressive floral design process is a creative brain challenge involving natures bounty (some from your own backyard) that will allow you to happily create beautiful works of art. 

Pink circle of rhodo
              floral design
Red line mass
Red Line Mass design

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SW Oregon Chapter Calendar & Other Events

Chapter Activities
April 21 -- Show Preparation
May TBA -- Election of officers, Members’ Show and Tell (slides)

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March 20 -- Siuslaw Chapter, Thomas Johnson and his partner Kirk Hansen own and operate Sebright Gardens, a shade specialty nursery, near Salem. Come to the meeting for a great program and purchase hostas, ferns, and epimediums.
March 22 -- Eureka Chapter, Jason Martinez SFBG at Strybing Arboretum
April 14-15 -- Siuslaw Chapter, Early Show at the Florence Events Center
April 26 -- Eureka Chapter, Ali Sarlak, Flora of Iran
April 28 -- Southwestern Oregon Chapter Show at Pony Village
Conferences & Shows - 2018
May—ARS Conference, Bremen, Germany, with tours to a number of other European countries  (See ARS journals for more information or the ARS website.)

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